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Valena SA was established in 1997 and has been dealing in the trade of tiles(floor, wall, pool) imported mainly from Italy, Spain and other countries, sanitary ware(porcelain, acrylic), bath & kitchen taps, bath accessories, building materials etc. Our company’s activities, apart from Greece, are extended abroad, with significant export volumes. We are an evolving Greek business that serves the needs of its customers. Our workforce consists of experienced people in the field of tiles & sanitary ware with specialized knowledge but mainly with positive mood and will to answer any questions you may have. We provide you with assistance on issues across the range, from the choice of the suitable tile for your space until the application of it. Cooperating with the most renowned foreign and domestic companies, we give our customers the option to choose high quality materials at competitive prices. We give special attention to every project that we undertake by performing specific consideration for the choice of the most suitable materials that will bring out the best of your space.
Valena. SA is a company with modern understanding of the market and excellent knowledge of the materials that deals in, with high quality standards and service. We give the opportunity to our customers to shape their spaces with the highest quality options of the international market. Our philosophy consists of high quality and aesthetically appealing products combined with low prices. We propose workable solutions, staying constantly updated with the decorative trends. Our company continues to be on its customer’s side even after the end of each project offering solutions and suggestions wherever it’s necessary.
With intense activity also in the hotel industry (Marbella Corfu Kerkyra, Riva Suites Mykonos, Villa Aegean Magic Santorini, Saint John Hotel Μykonos ,Chromata Suites Santorini, Apollonia Resort Hotel Mykonos, Elies Resort Xalkidiki, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, San Marino Santorini) VALENA S.A. proves that it has the experience to renovate their premises and the capability of the qualitative equipment of them. We propose and cooperate with established and renowned bradns because of the long-term guarantee provided by them


Paparigopoulou 40-42
Peristeri, 12132
Phone. 210 5780413-4.
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